National Anti-Drug Addiction Days

National Day for the Fight Against Drug Abuse:

The National Day for the Fight Against Drug Abuse is held every year on October 2nd. The goal of the day is to make India drug free and preserve talents. The father of the Mahatma Gandhi nation condemned the use of drugs. Drug addiction leads to chronic brain diseases. Drugs are one of the greatest evils in our society. This affects not only the individual but also society. This causes the loss of the ability to make rational decisions and a priori on everything else: career, family, loved ones, friends and even civic sense. Most people start taking drugs to experiment, have fun and make curiosity, while some people are under peer pressure. Some people abuse drugs that save lives as drugs.

The addition of drugs can be difficult to treat, but recovery from drug addiction is not impossible.

Adverse Drug Reactions:

Health problems
Memory Disorders
Difficulty balancing and walking
Anxiety, depression and sleep disorders
Sudden weight loss or weight.
Liver disease, epilepsy and increased risk of cancer
Low Blood Sugar, High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
Cardiac disease
Decreased immunity
Interference with reproductive fertility

Behavioral and psychological changes:

Decreased performance at the workplace
Loss of interest and suspicious behavior
Violent Attitude
Change of personality

Social Effects:

Drug addicts face problems in both their social and personal lives. They are likely to engage in anti-social activities.

Financial losses:

Drug addicts ask, lend or steal money to satisfy their research.

How to deal with addicts and addicts:

A well-known saying is “attack the problem, not the person”.

Provide emotional support:

With emotional support, drug addicts can recover more quickly.

Cultivating a strong will:

Decide that you want to make a change and stop taking medication.
Be honest with yourself and with your efforts.


Rehabilitation involves psychotherapy, counseling and taking into account various aspects of your life, including personal and professional life.

Join a support group:

When you interact with people with similar problems, your stories and experiences will encourage you to recover quickly.

Stay away from addicts:

Change your social circle if people cheat you in such temptation.

Participate in activities:

Participate in creative and recreational activities such as playing games, establishing new goals, meditation and yoga.

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